Truly Inter-Disciplinary

Dr. Katharina Weghmann is an independent Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Researcher specialized on issues of individual, organizational, and societal learning and change. Her approach respects that change processes are embedded in a complex system, which needs to be attended to along with the individual.

Following this systemic approach, Katharina is among the first to have researched whistleblowing in the context of the financial sector.  In her published study, she interviewed 14 whistleblowers in Europe and the US and investigated a) the process, b) outcomes, and c) individual, organizational, and societal influencing factors of moral acts of courage. 

Read the summary and order your copy of "Discerning Moral Acts of Courage in the Financial Sector: An Inquiry Into The Whisteblowing Experience".  

Based on her research, Katharina developed the experiential, 3-hour BlackWhiteGold Signature Workshop, which provides leaders and their teams with an enhanced ability to create insights for their practices in ethics and compliance. Contact Katharina directly for further details. 

Fusing Business, Adult Learning, and Ethics 

Her executive coaching, advising, and facilitating activities focus on the cultivation of pro-social behavior in corporate settings. She applies a top-down approach to business ethics for leaders today, while understanding the importance of preparing our leaders of tomorrow. In efforts to meet this end, Katharina conducts workshops and lectures for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of coaching, self-development, critical reflection, and leadership performance. 

Powerful Blend of Theory and Practice 

Katharina is originally from Germany and has lived abroad for more than 15 years. Her work and life span between New York City and Europe. Prior to academia, Katharina had an international corporate career in marketing, working with global organizations such as P&G, Hewlett Packard, and Novartis. More recently, she served as Managing Director at Holistic Communications, where she led the organization towards profitability through transformational change. 

She holds a Doctor of Education in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University and an MBA from the International University of Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a certified coach from the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program.